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This is probably the world’s shortest owner’s manual for a MIDI
foot controller, and should give you a good idea as to what the
MIDI Mouse is all about: it’s compact and it’s easy to operate. Not
everyone wants or needs a huge, elaborate controller that’s more
complicated to program than the unit(s) they’re trying to control.
The MIDI Mouse is in a familiar “stomp-box” format, housed in
sturdy, cast aluminum. It features 3 footswitches with smooth, cus-
tom actuators.The large, non-glare 3-digit LED display can be read
from any angle, in daylight or darkness.The simplicity of its design
offers the MIDI masterful and the MIDI-phobic access to 128
patches on any of the 16 selectable MIDI channels.You simply scroll
up or down to your desired program locations --without having to
do the cha-cha to change banks.
The MIDI Mouse is the only foot controller available that is
, which eliminates stage clutter. It can be turned on
approximately 2,000 times with each battery.The MIDI Mouse can
also be powered by most standard adaptors, as well as being phan-
tom power operable via MIDI cable.
In addition to freedom from excess wires and cables, the MIDI
Mouse also offers freedom to improvise. For instance, if you have a
pre-amp and an effects processor, you can control each one inde-
pendently by using two MIDI Mouses. Its size and affordability lends
itself easily to this application, which would otherwise be too cum-
bersome and impractical with conventional foot controllers.
In the studio, the MIDI Mouse takes up little room on the console.
You can make remote program changes without leaving the board.
For stage shows, you can even control the patterns and arrange-
ments of MIDI lighting systems.
At Tech 21, it is our goal to offer useful, versatile, cost-effective
products. It is our hope you find the MIDI Mouse a welcome addi-
tion to your set-up.


ACTIVE / SEARCH allows you to alternate between two modes:

In ACTIVE mode, MIDI program change information is instantly sent
through the MIDI OUT port.
In SEARCH (flashing) mode, only the numerical display changes.
No MIDI information is transmitted.
UP increases the program number sequentially.
DOWN decreases the program number sequentially.


In Active Mode:

The LED numerical display remains lit. Depressing the Up or Down
footswitch allows you to step-scroll by increasing or decreasing the
program number one at a time. In Active mode, the MIDI program
change information is instantly sent through the MIDI OUT port.

In Search Mode:

The LED numerical display flashes. Depressing and holding the Up or
Down footswitch allows you to speed-scroll to a desired location --
without sending any program change information. Depressing the
Active/Search footswitch a second time re-engages the Active mode and
instantly sends the new MIDI program number through the MIDI Out


In Active or Search mode, the LED display will go out after 10 seconds
of non-use.This “screen-saver” feature conserves the life of the battery.
The MIDI Mouse needs to be on only when you want to change the
program information.Your program won’t change until you activate the
MIDI Mouse and send new instructions.
To engage the MIDI Mouse, you can depress any of the three
footswitches.The mode you were last in when the unit shut off and
what new instructions you want to send will determine the best way
for you to proceed.

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